I’m Sure There are More Hoops & The Co-Host

Well a bit of an update. I am convinced that there are going to be a few more hoops to jump through getting this podcast going. I/we are nearly finished the stuff that is required for us to do our first podcast. So far we have:

  • Thought of a name
  • Sorted out recording Skype calls (we think – I think this might be another hoop!)
  • Registered the domains that we want to use
  • Set-up the feedback email at the domain – and we both get the emails… cool
  • Semi-finalized the show format for each week

I am sure I have forgotten something… but I guess that will come to me. One of the last things that we have to do is to set up the hosting. I have decided that it will be hosted on Liberated Syndication which provide a good bang for buck ratio. And it takes out of the equation another headache; that of setting up a web-page and the syndication RSS feeds. I was not looking forward to that; although I did research it a bit… and got confused.

He doesn’t know this but we talked about it today. So I wanted to let you all know that my co-host is going to be Sebastian Prooth. He is currently doing his own podcast called From The Directors Chair. His experience in this little venture will be appreciated, you will have to listen to the first show to find out how it all came about. But until that happens have a listen to Sebastian’s podcast which is “about the media and the technology that makes it all happen”. Also visit his blog and say hello, nice guy; funny accent – see if you can pick it.

Next blog I do I hope to talk about a conversation I had with someone about the new web2.0 era and what they think about the whole thing and the future. We disagree on some points, but hey you would expect that from The Rooster…


One Response to “I’m Sure There are More Hoops & The Co-Host”

  1. Smurfwreck Says:

    Good luck with starting the podcast. It’s been a really fun experience for me, though I’m still learning and learning and learning. Thanks for the tip on the e-mail thing, I’ve yet to be able to figure out the “mailto” syntax yet, but I’m working on it. My html is one step below bottom of the barrel and I’m surprised that I managed to get the libsyn blog page in the shape that it is. Anyway thanks again for the tip and thanks for giving the show a chance.

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