Strange Frog Happenings

Frog InvaderOur house has been invaded by frogs! The last two nights we have been inundated by baby green tree frogs, they are everywhere. Every hour or so I have to walk around the house, collect the frog and put them outside again. They mainly end up in the kitchen, as this is where the light is on.

This year we have had a fair amount of rain and I think the frogs are loving it and each other. They have bred like rabbits and now the babies have hatched the place is lousy with them. The reason that they are getting in the house is that we have an open house with no fly-screens so they just hop in through the windows and doors. I pick up about four to five each time. I don’t want them locked inside as they will certainly “croak” (eww bad pun). We are happy that they are back as the last couple of years they have not been around in great numbers in the last two years that have been quite dry in comparison.

It had to happen, but I was going to insert a picture into this post but right as I was going to take the picture the camera battery went flat. I will have to put it in later.

Well later has happened and I have charged the camera and I have taken a picture of one of the many frogs. To give you an idea of scale the frog is sitting on my middle finger. We think that they are white – lipped green tree frogs. I am stoked with the photo – click on it to look at the full sized image.


9 Responses to “Strange Frog Happenings”

  1. webby Says:

    thats cool man. good effort

  2. Smurfwreck Says:

    That’s neat. We used to get little brown lizards when we lived in Florida. Now that we are in Georgia we just get ants. Meh. Great pic btw.

  3. Steve Says:

    That is an awsome picture davie boy, + good to see you have everything up and running maybe you can get an early night now!!

  4. Roz Dimon Says:

    I like your frog picture – may want to use it in one my DIMONscapeTM artworks which I’m calling The Frog Pledge (as in I pledge allegiance to the frog, etc.). If I do, is a high-resolution image of your frog available? In return, I am happy to link to your website once the piece is created by including you in the footnotes for the artwork. That said, I’m still looking at frogs and I’m still not sure what frog image I’m going to use yet. Appreciate a reply.

    In frogs we trust,

    Roz Dimon (alias Rozolution)

  5. The Rooster Says:

    Hello Roz, I would be happy to give you the best quality picture that I have. But I am not sure it is of a high enough resolution I think I have one about 3megPx or there abouts.

    Drop me an email if you are interested. Link on the left 🙂

  6. pat Says:

    me and my wife have 3 whitefacetreefrog and thay are graet to have i rally injoy tham but thay are pigs wen thay eat

  7. Gina Says:

    I used your photo as a reference for a painting on my painting blog. I hope you don’t mind. I don’t plan on making any money off of it. Let me know if that bugs you.

  8. Sarah Berney Says:

    Hi if I did a pencil drawing of this gorgeous frog of yours and then printed it on a t-shirt and then sold them, how would you feel about that? I respect copyright…. thanking you for your reply and the picture to look at!

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