4 Responses to “FeedDemon: Not Happy!”

  1. Jack Brewster Says:

    I work for NewsGator in tech support.

    FeedDemon is only dependent on NewsGator’s services _if_ you decide to use synchronization. Even this is optional on a per-folder basis. If you want to continue to use FD2 as a stand-alone client, you can (same as 1.x), just disable sync on all of your folders.

    Since you posted a trackback to Nick’s post about the outage, I assume you read Greg Reinacker’s post which provides details about the outage and what we’re doing to prevent it from happening again:

    I know that the desktop client devs (NewsGator Inbox, FeedDemon, and NetNewsWire) are also working on ways of minimizing the impact if an outage like this occurs again.

  2. The Rooster Says:

    I owe this comment a response.

    I am aware that FeedDemon is only dependant on NewsGator if folders are synchronized. However, I perhaps did not make it clear in my post that when this error occured I turned off the syncronization to all folders and FeedDemon failed to update new feeds and gave the same error message. I then restarted FeedDemon with this preference and the same thing. This was also the case for at least one other user that I know of.

    Hence my conclusion that what you have suggested is not the case. While disabling the syncronization is supposed to enable FeedDemon to independantly update, in my case it did not.

  3. Jack Brewster Says:

    Sorry, you’re right, I didn’t pick up on that from your post.

    So the deal is, it _should_ update directly from the feed source if you’re not using sync. I’ll talk to Nick to see if I’m overlooking something and get back to you.

    I know that Nick and the rest of the desktop client devs are looking to make the apps handle this type of outage (which I hope never happens again – knock on wood) better.

  4. Jack Brewster Says:

    I’ve confirmed with Nick that there is a problem with desynching a folder if the server is unreachable. I don’t know the details, but this is something that he’s working on along with the other changes.

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