Published the First Podcast

Well we have arrived. Today I published the first Global Geek Podcast!

The editing was a chore as it is the first time I have seriously used Audacity for a serious project. I am sure that I did everything the hard way and that there were quicker and better ways to do some of the things I was wanting to do. But that aside I think the result was a passable first attempt. I was pleased with the fading of the songs and the fact that I managed to clean up the audio somewhat in regards to me being too soft and Sebastian being quite loud. But the songs that were included were really loud! So I was pleased that after using the compressor a few times and normalizing it it is OK.

So head on over to Global Geek Podcast and at least have a listen on the site. Preferably, subscribe to the RSS and listen to the evolution of the podcast.


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