Nick Bradbury Speaks: FeedDemon Pre-release Beta Tester!

Yesterday Nick Bradbury blogged about the efforts to fix the bugs that were brought to the fore regarding synchronization and FeedDemon.

The main issue regarding this is that when the NewsGator server crashes FeedDemon fails to connect to the direct feeds. Not only that there is an issue that once the NewsGator server is back up it then needs to re-establish synchronization. Other issues are those regarding firewalls, and trying to make FeedDemon play more peacefully with a firewall and with proxy servers. I have not had any such issues in this regard.

And so after my blogs here and some email with the NewsGator Team, I was actually very impressed with the way that NewsGator have been handling the consumer issues of last week. They are actually working so hard that Nick Bradbury already has a pre-release version ready for beta testing that addresses these issues.

So today I get a rather nice surprise in my inbox. I have been invited to be a beta tester for FeedDemon! I have not decided if I am going to do it or not. I am going to send a few emails off and find out exactly what this means:

…”So if you can’t risk loosing everything, please don’t install this build.”

I am not sure if this means my whole system could go belly up or that FeedDemon might. The former is not an option but I do not mind if FeedDemon dies. One of the great features of FeedDemon is that you can export all your feeds as an OPML file, so that would be easy enough to restore. As for the whole system kicking the bucket, I do not think that is an option that you could ask beta testers in the wild to put up with. And no doubt if I did take up the offer my brother would roll his eyes and say “… life on the bleeding edge dude…”. But I am contemplating it and it would give me some cool content to blog about, as long as I don’t have to sign a non disclosure.

But I can say that it will not be long before we have an updated version of FeedDemon to fix this huge problem. In addition I am glad that I am still on speaking terms with the team at NewsGator, even after my rant here.


One Response to “Nick Bradbury Speaks: FeedDemon Pre-release Beta Tester!”

  1. Jack Brewster Says:

    It should be “if you can’t risk losing everything in FeedDemon”. 🙂

    We don’t actually expect FD to tank, but it _is_ a beta, so the BIG SCARY WARNING is added to make sure the folks who can’t afford down time don’t install it.

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