POPURLS dot com: What a Great Site

POPURLS BannerI was cruising the RSS today and although I had heard of POPURLS in passing I had not visited it until today. I was pleasantly surprised.

This site is a sort of a aggregator for sites that are updated frequently or have RSS feeds associated with them, or some other kind of community contribution on a regular basis. POPURLS summarizes this data into a “all-in-a-view” style. I don’t think that it is everything that comes out of these sites but it is a nice summary. The site has a very nice single page design and you can swap the default white on black to black on white. You can also make the text larger for those of you who are blind. The other cool option is that you can expand the headings to include more feeds or data. Lastly you can hover over a title of an article you get a summary of the article, click on it and a new tab opens with the full text from the site, cool.

POPURLS covers a huge range of sites: digg.com, del.icio.us, furl.net, flickr, reddit.com, tailrank.com, fark.com, youtube.com, news.google.com, news.yahoo.com, newsvine.com, video.google.com, shoutwire.com, slashdot.org, wired.com, odeo.com, nowpuplic.com, metafilter.com.

You will notice that not all the “feeds” are text based. There are video feeds as well and that’s something that average newsreaders don’t do. I think that is a nice addition, so is the fact that there are Flickr photo’s as well. I am not sure what the relationship between POPURLS and the contributing sites is but it makes you wonder how others might get on the list. Just something to think about.

That aside I think this is a great idea and one that finally puts RSS feeds into the hands of “regular” users. While it does not unleash the true power of RSS and aggregation it is a taste and might spark some interest for some people, it also connects you with the information that may enable you to better utilize RSS fully. In addition to these points, even if you were a super geek; it is just a fun site and a great way to have a quick catch up with what is going on in cyberspace and beyond, a cool distraction from whatever it is you are meant to be doing. Have a look you will end up staying a while.


6 Responses to “POPURLS dot com: What a Great Site”

  1. thomas Says:

    well, thanks for that nice feature!
    i’m not related to any of the featured sites

  2. soul1383 Says:

    i love this site! thanks for the info.

  3. Random Dude Says:

    Hot Grog: fast news

    Hot Grog is a new website I setup to quickly read the internets. It uses RSS to grab headlines from various sources and dumps them out in a simple list…

  4. New Feature for POPURLS « Rooster’s Rail Says:

    […] September 9th, 2007 — The Rooster POPURLS is a great news aggregation site that I have talked about before. When I first saw POPURLS I was impressed by the slick coding and ease of use that this site oozed. […]

  5. ariuimurme Says:

    You might also want to check out http://www.GetMyScoop.com. It is a newly created web-based customizable feed aggregator that also allows users to post their own content. I am the owner and developer of the website so if you are wondering about my objectivity of this post, I encourage you to visit the site yourself and check out its features. I built it as a proof of concept to learn first hand what you can do nowadays with very limited resources (only myself working evenings on and off for about 6 months). If you have any feedback, please use the “contact us” page on the website to get in touch with me. Popurls was one of the inspirations. My aim was to create a website that is completely free to use and empower users to the fullest extent possible in giving them the freedom they deserve with regard to both consuming and creating Internet content. I hope this goal is achieved as the website gets more and more popular and as I add more features in the future. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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