Podcast & Feed Wiget Created!

PodcastI had a brainwave today!I was thinking of ways to increase our listeners on Global Geek Podcast and I thought why not give people the ability to both listen to the podcast and subscribe to it here! So I have created the Global Geek Podcast Wiget in the right hand side pane. Have a look and a listen!  But we would prefer that you subscribed and listen to it regularly!

At the moment the listen link is linked to the libsyn media directory where the current podcast is (that being episode three). What I would really like to be able to do is to have this link update when the Global Geek Homepage is updated. Just the link to the media file that is. Because at the moment I have to update it each week with the newest podcast file name. So if anyone out there knows how to do that then drop me a line.


4 Responses to “Podcast & Feed Wiget Created!”

  1. Marty Says:

    Why not read the enclosure right from your feed?

  2. tektrekgamer Says:

    Could you please be a little more specific on how Dave might be able to accomplish this "read from the enclosure" Pls bear in mind we can not use javascript or edit the CSS of the blog, all we can do is create little widgets in text boxes, using basic HTML coding.

    Thanks. -Sebastian -SEBRT.COM-

  3. Marty Says:

    hmmm… without scripting it would be hard to automate much of anything :/ Sorry for the dead-end idea.


  4. tektrekgamer Says:

    It’s OK. I just wanted to make certian if it was possible and reasonable, that we did it. As it stands right now we will have to manually update the address that the widget is pointing to each time we release a podcast, which is a bit of a yawn, but we can deal with it. Thanks for trying to help though….

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