WordPress Proclaim 200, 000 Blogs!

The WordPress guys did a very nice post on their WordPress.com blog. They announced that they had reached the 200, 000 blogs on WordPress which is great and I hope that it continues (as long as the service stays the same!).

WordPress is a great blogging site and the dedication of the guys that run it is not lost on me. The thing is that they sincerely thank the individuals that contribute and the fact that most have stuck by supporting WordPress through the good times and the bad. Reflected in this nice statement:

At the end of the day, it's all about you. WordPress is just a tool — a paintbrush, a pickaxe, a megaphone. Any life WP.com has is what you breathe into it, and we'll never forget that

Some amazing statistics accompanied the post and I am going to repeat them in case you don't make it to the WordPress Blog.

In the last 10 days bloggers on WordPress have:

  • Created 14, 100 blogs
  • Added 30, 300 static pages
  • Tagged 188, 259 on posts
  • Gotten 267,490 comments
  • Written 291,000 posts
  • 779,325 feed subscribers
  • Had 6,832,322 page views

Wow! I wish I had a few more of those 6, 832, 322 hits, the best things are often hatched over a longer time 😉

So if you have not a WordPress Blog, go get one. I am very happy here and I love the platform and the fact that we have great support and obvious development that filters through to users. Thanks WordPress.


One Response to “WordPress Proclaim 200, 000 Blogs!”

  1. Kristine Says:

    So, How do I get my “stuff” viewed a bit more…I have two posts that are somehow linked and I don’t know how i did it. Yes, i am one of those “Dummies”…so help, please. Check the site. It will get better.

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