Global Geek Podcast Delayed This Week

For those of you that are expecting a podcast this week, yes it has been delayed. But don't worry it is coming!

This week there has been a number of factors that have played havok with our recording schedule. Seb has been flat out completing his final assignments for college. My shifts have not been the best for recording time. I worked this last week end, a late early. In addition to that this week end Seb is going away for the week end so we won't be able to record. So we decided to delay this weeks so it would carry us through without there being too much of a break in-between.

So I hope that clears that up. But what I figure is that this is one of the great things about podcasting, no-one is on a schedule other than the ones that we create ourselves. So for the purpose of sanity that's what's going on this week. Stay tuned guys should be something worth listening to soon.

Something else worth mentioning is that the Global Geek Podcast homepage is currently undergoing a rebuild and we are working on that as well. It will not be released until it is ready and polished up. The restrictions that LibSyn place on the format have been challenging to say the least but we will get there in the end. Mainly because we have the "The Codeman" Adam on the case. 


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