Yep I Own It!

I bit the bullet today and purchased! I knew that it has been available for some time but up until now I have not bothered to purchase it. But now I have become sufficiently attached to it I decided that I didn't want anyone else to have it.

So I now own another domain and I'd like to think that I will hang onto this one. I guess that it makes the Rail seem more like mine. In addition to that if ever I move the blog I don't have to get everyone to change their bookmarks, I just redirect the forwarding from my domain administration. This is a very convenient feature of having your own domain for your blog or website.
So update those bookmarks! Why not head on over to the good guys at Go Daddy and get a domain of your own, it is cheap too!


2 Responses to “ Yep I Own It!”

  1. Vic Grace Says:

    I recently did the same and bought from GoDaddy then I thought I might use them to host for me and bought their hosting package but on trying their Blogcast it would not work for me. I have a WordPress blog and I am considering letting them host it for me but they said they could not help if I get into technical problems. Are they your hosts and have you had problems, did you have to change to first. I have debated monetizing my blog although I lost page rank recently so I am back at square one right now. Basically how technically challenging is it to look after your own blog at a hosting company.

  2. Seth Says:

    I hope you still own the domain… godaddy’s TOS are engineered to TOSS people off their ‘real’estate.

    Ever try using the ‘free’ hosting space they provide? Or even using 99% of the paid shared hosting?

    Take a quick ride through NoDaddy dot com

    Be sure to have regular content backups. The low cost comes with essentially zero customer services and zero integrity.

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