6 Responses to “Make Your Own Logo With Mikons”

  1. Mark Smith Says:

    David –

    Thanks for your reivew of Mikons. I am thrilled you like it!

    I would love to send you some stickers and a tshirt of your mikons. Send me an email with all the relenvant info and I see you get ’em.

    You can put your mikons in your email signature and help us go viral.

    Kindest Regards –
    Mark Smith

  2. bob Says:

    uh – this site is really bad. nice idea, bad implementation. web 2.0. ha, did you take a look at the source code? and I havent see anyone use shockwave since web 1.2 😉

  3. Tariq Says:

    I want make 3 different Logo if you can help me please sent email for me after that I will sent the subject for you

    Tariq Yassin
    Email: tariqyassin1@yahoo.com

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    […] Mikons that I wrote about some time ago now is a site that allows you to create and share what they call “mikons”. Mikons for everyone else could be called avatars or a logo. Indeed you could use their “mikon machine” to produce a personalised logo just for you or your blog or anything really. Read all about Mikons either on my post dedicated to the site or take a visit, register and start creating, sharing and now commenting on your own mikons! […]

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