YouTube & NBC Make Friends

YouTube LogoI had to pinch myself when I read this article today via RSS about a partnership between YouTube and NBC. I must be psychic.

Today it was announced that NBC and YouTube are getting into bed with each other. And yes the same NBC that sent a cease and desist letter to YouTube regarding content from NBC being available on YouTube.NBC Logo

The deal is said to be a mutual back-slapping affair with NBC placing “promotional clips” on the Tube for up and coming and returning shows. In return NBC will promote YouTube on air. Not sure why the users are not allowed to do it but it is Okay for NBC, but I guess they own the content. There is talk of on-line competitions being run in conjunction with support from NBC.

That said, I wonder how well it will be received on YouTube. If it is just a case of running ads disguised as “clips” then that is going to upset the user base. But if NBC place content that can not be seen anywhere else, now that would be smart marketing. It remains to be seen just how the implementation goes and if it is executed well.

There is no mention of money changing hands so it fails to address the problem that I illustrated yesterday in that what these sites are offering is costing a lot of money and they have to find some way to pay for it. In essence what YouTube has done is possibly exacerbate the problem by potentially increasing their traffic and not addressing the revenue issue.


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