It is Windy

This morning I woke up to find that it was windy. I hate windy days. No wonder kids go a bit nuts in the wind, I think adults just know how to control it and don’t do the: running around going berserk bit (inside I am seething and wish I could). Either that or they are lazy.

The wind means a few things for me. Coming from the south means that the day is cooler than it otherwise would be. Since living in the tropics anything under 25 degrees (C) is cool. We hate the cold; period.

Next is the fact that wind from this direction brings with it crap from trees that are behind the house. This crap inevitability ends up on the roof and in the gutters. These gutters I usually forget about until the first big down-pour of the wet season. Gutters over flow and I am on the roof cleaning the gutters in the rain, usually getting wet. I am however very satisfied with myself that I did a great job, despite the fact that I had forgotten about what caused it; the bloody wind.

The crap also ends up in the pool. So as soon as the wind picks up so does my workload cleaning the pool. One day of wind means the pool needs a clean and the filter baskets need cleaning out. That means that I usually go on a big clean up. That is because I believe that if you are going to do a job then you should do it well.

Similar thing in the yard. The resultant crap is spread all over the yard. That means I am picking up palm fronds that other wise would have fallen over the space of a month. Instead I have the whole lot down on the ground in a day. I have already been up on the roof today to get an offending palm frond (times two) off of it!

We also have a large patio area, wind means that this area is a total mess with dirt, leaves, and general shit all over the place. Which due to my obsessive compulsive tendencies I can not leave and have to clean up. I resist the urge to do it while the wind blows but sometimes I don’t and I do it knowing I will be doing it again tomorrow. Anyone that knows me is starting to see why I hate the wind so much.

The wind also wrecks the blinds. It bangs them against the window frames and makes an annoying noise in the process. So I end up going round the whole house opening blinds… and shutting them later. More work… The wind also damages plants in my garden and drys the soil out so I have to water it sooner rather than later in the dry season.
The wind generally is annoying in itself, messes things up, drys your skin out, messes up your hair and blows dirt in your eyes the list could go on. I am not sure if there is anything good about it come to think of it. Maybe wind power or if you were a sailor or are into kite-surfing… I am none of the above. To me it is not worth it.

At least the towels and sheets are dry.


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