Bats in the Belfry… Well a Mouse Anyway

Three days a go there was a strange noise coming from the main toilet light. A grinding, tapping, weird noise. I had no idea what it was. At first I thought it might have been a bird that had got caught in the roof. I was wrong.

I investigated the noise initially and banged the ceiling and it just stopped. A conformation of a bird would have been frantic running looking for an escape route, no frantic running. So I went back to doing what I was doing and it started again a few minutes later with me banging again. It did not happen again until the next morning. Kate told me that there was a weird noise in the toilet… mmm

So the following day it got the better of me and the fact that the noise was back again! So armed with the phone I held it up to the noise source for my Dad to hear, it had him stumped as well. It was time for drastic measures! Tools! So screwdriver in hand I dismantled the light fitting, although the 5 inch screws that the builder deemed necessary for the job of holding it in baffled me. I got the light fitting half off and inspected the light fitting and both positive and negative wires exposed! I decided that one rodent bait and expert help were necessary.

So having coaxed a rodent bait into the small hole with the help of an insulated screwdriver I called the electrician, the same one that we have had for the past eight years who said that he could be here at seven am today! Woot! So this morning he came and lifted the sheeting off the roof and inspected the damage. Turns out a mouse had decided that the wiring of the toilet light and the fitting were great for wearing his teeth down and he had successfully removed the insulating wire from both wires and had started on the earth wire! Light fitting fixed and light replaced 30 minutes later all was good. The electrician also threw another 3 or 4 baits around the roof space… Eat well mousey…

The big question is why had the damn mouse not chewed on the wires with the light on! That would have fixed the probelm before it started! Apparently they can tell when there is current flowing through the wire and they leave it alone and that is why they had gone for that one fitting. Don’t know how they do that but they do!

Very strange indeed, but I suspect that I won’t have a problem now. Rat bait is great stuff… I just hope I don’t smell it in a few days!


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