WordPress Bug – They are Working On It

Everyone that has a WordPress Blog and uses WordPress WYSIWYG interface to write their blog enteries would have noticed that the guys at WordPress have introduced auto-save. Great idea but it has come with a bug.

Each time it auto saves during authoring it throws your cursor back to the top of your post. Just so people know, they know about it and it is a matter of priority that they fix it.

So while they are working on fixing it I suggest not planning any long posts! The other thing I suggest is not to flood them with support requests or bitching about it, that is part the reason that I have posted this :). So give them a chance and you will be loving the new feature in no time.

The only information that I have come across about it is in the WordPress Forum. No doubt they will blog about the new feature when it is fixed! Thanks for the hard work guys, this is one of those rare occasions on WordPress that the users are adversely affected.

UPDATE: Just got this reply via support from WordPress: great service once again, thanks guys – keep at it.

Hi, I’m really sorry for the problems. It is top of the list to be fixed as it was a feature requested by many and this bug was very unexpected. My apologies again. Podz


2 Responses to “WordPress Bug – They are Working On It”

  1. SigT Says:

    Un bug en el WYSIWYG de WordPress.com

    Éste tiene puntos para ser el bug más tonto pero a la vez más molesto de los que he escuchado y solamente afecta (que yo haya testeado) al WordPress MU de WordPress.com, se trata que según leo en Rooster’s Rail, los desarrolladores de WordPre…

  2. Matt Foxtrot Says:


    This is one of the reasons I like the plaintext editor.

    TinyMCE kills my inner-child.

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