A Real Computer for the Price of a Toy

There is a bit of a story to this picture.

This is a sticker on the inside of a writing desk that my mother owns. I think it was in my brother’s room for a while, or it might have been mine. But one of us saw fit to cover this; no doubt, antique with stickers! About two weeks ago I was talking to Dad and he had reason to open the cabinet. You can imagine my surprise when I found this sticker plastered to the inside!

I am not sure about the age of this sticker, but I am sure that us boys would have been somewhere between eight and 12. Back then the old Commodore VIC20 was the go. With it’s brute raw power and 20K of memory! Don’t worry we didn’t get the VIC we got the Commodore 64, double the memory man! Now that’s power!

We had great fun with the games and the useless tape system that never worked! But then disks came out and that was rad, so we didn’t have to keep count on the tape counter anymore. You know how it goes. But this is where we came from and has lead us in some ways to where we are today. I never dreamed that what we could do now would be possibile then.

Maybe my kids will be laughing as hard as I am about what we are using now. As a matter of fact I am sure they will. Enjoy the trip and whatever memories that it causes to surface in you, I did.



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