Help! I Need a New Co-Host for The Global Geek Podcast!

My current co-host, Sebastian and I had a discussion this last week gone and after an agonising decision he has decided to leave the podcast. This was not because of any conflict or disagreement rather the fact that Sebastian did not think he had the time to dedicate to it because of his own circumstances and also what he wants to focus his efforts on.

So that leaves me here with two weeks to find a new host! You might be asking is that for me? Well the first thing you have to do is head on over to The Podcast Network and The Global Geek Podcast Homepage and have a listen to the show. If you like it or think that you could make it better or are interested in being a part of it, here is what I want you to do:

  1. Click the Odeo Button , it is the green button. It is not the usual type you would see, it is a custom one unique to The Podcast Network.
  2. Leave an audio message when prompted to do so, preferably with the mic that you would be potentially using for the show.
  3. Send me an email by clicking here. In this email I want you to tell me why you think you would make a good co-host. Or if that is too hard then just tell me a bit about yourself!

This may seem like a silly process but it will tell me a lot about you, your ability and some other stuff that I will let the successful person in on ;).

I need your help! So get to it! This is a great opportunity. Consider this in your decision:

  • You are in on an existing, growing show.
  • You become a part of The Podcast Network, of over 70 Podcasts and 250,000 regular listeners and growing.

I will also inform anyone thinking about this prospect, the show that is a regular weekly podcast that goes for about an hour. But; there are important regular collaborations during the week and especially about two days before when the main body of the podcast is worked out.

If you think you have what it takes then get in touch with me and we can talk. I would also invite anyone that has queries or questions to leave a comment with a valid email address (so I can reply) or contact me via the contact details in the right side bar on this page. I am only too happy to clarify anything here.

Podcasting is a blast; we will have great fun and the result is very satisfying that you have been a part of the growing “citizen media” network that is podcasting and the Internet.

UPDATE: Position filled. Thank you to everyone that expressed an interest.


5 Responses to “Help! I Need a New Co-Host for The Global Geek Podcast!”

  1. TPN:: G’day World » Blog Archive » Global Geek Podcast looking for a co-host Says:

    […] Dave Gray is looking for a new co-host for The Global Geek Podcast. If you’re something of a geek and you would like to do a podcast but don’t want to go it alone, ping Dave and maybe you’ll be the new dynamic duo. […]

  2. TPN :: The Global Geek Podcast » Blog Archive » New Co-Host Needed for The Global Geek Podcast! Says:

    […] If you think you can be the next Global Geek Podcast host then head on over to Rooster’s Rail (that’s my personal blog) and check out the details. Or just drop a comment here with a valid email so I can reply. […]

  3. Leaving the Global Geek Podcast! « Seb’s Random Thoughts Says:

    […] I may be leaving the Global Geek Podcast, but the show is going to continue on. Dave Gray, my co-host is now on the hunt and has an opening for a new co-host. You should definitely check out his post for becoming the new host on his blog as he explains is far better than I can, and of course it is now his show. […]

  4. Jeremy Says:

    I would like mire info on this I am somewhat of a geek (a gaming nerd) and well i would enjoy podcasting.

  5. The Rooster Says:

    Sorry but this co-host spot was filled some months ago. I apologize for not amending this entry, I have now done so.

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