The Numa Numa Guy Goes Corporate!

I could not believe this. The guy, Gary Brolsma who did the original Numa Numa dance and spawned the subsequent mass viral video craze is back!

Originally, either out of total embarrassment or not wanting the attention withdrew from the forum that made him an internet name. This from the official press release:

The video was meant to amuse himself and a few friends. But within weeks Internet users charmed by the innocence and ebullience of Brolsma’s performance spread the video around the world. Brolsma became an unintentional icon of the viral video phenomenon.

Nothing heard nor seen until now. He is a “director” on YouTube and has released a new video, singing something different. Which by the way is no where near as good as the original. He has started an official site and a competition valued at $45 000 for the winner! He details the deal in a video also and on the website. Surprisingly the comments are very nasty, directed to a guy that is somewhat revered within the community.

It also looks like from his website that he has ring-tones, music, merchandise and partners. Now it looks like Gary is trying to make something out of his fame, but is it too late? I wish him all the best, I love the original and I play it when I feel down, a sure fire pick up. It makes me laugh, especially when we play it on Skype and we just know that everyone else on the call is doing the Numa.


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