Confusing Numbers & The “Temp”

I am not sure why but this week as I was putting the podcast together and even after it was done I had it in my head that it was number 018. It was in fact 019! Have a look on the right, even the RSS feed is wrong! But that aside I have a great guest on this weeks show and we had a great time doing the show.

So the whole numbers thing has me stumped. This is the first time that I have made mistakes like this. First it was the show notes that I put together for the show, 18 all the way through! Then it was saving the file from the recording, I saved that as “The Global Geek Podcast 018 RAW “. That little error could have been a disaster as it was the same as the file name as the last recording. For some reason it worked, go figure. Since I was making all these mistakes about the show number I was really careful about the file name, got that right. But then it was the show notes! I put the title of the show as 018! I have corrected it now but the RSS feed picked it up before I noticed, even then Sebastian let me know in a voicemail!

So something snapped in the Rooster’s brain, not sure what. My head was totally fixated on the number 18. So for those that listen to the show, ignore the number! think 019. Does anyone know the psychology behind that?

So this week the show was with a guest co-host, who I am trying to convince to stay on as a regular. Knightwise very graciously did the show with me this week and I had a great time talking about what he does and we do the news. It was our intention that we do a small interview for about 10 minutes… which turned into 25 minutes! But it was good and worth it. The news got slashed as a result, but that was Okay.

Hopefully, I am over the whole 18 thing and I remember that the next show is the big 20! Should be a blast. Please check out The Global Geek Podcast #019, I fixed the Post Title but I think the RSS title is stuffed for all time!

UPDATE: The RSS feed seems to be smarter than I am and with my changes has fixed it’s self! Yey!! Computers are weird.


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