Nice Feature Added to Skype 2.6 Beta

Skype LogoI was fairly damning of the new 2.6 beta for Skype. I was harsh because I did not think that anything was all that new, interesting, useful or innovative. But today I have learned of a new feature that is pretty cool.

They have added a bandwidth indicator. This is a great curiosity tool and just plain interesting. Despite what new users of Skype might think, Skype really does not consume that much bandwidth and this little feature shows you just how much it does use. Down the bottom of the call window there is an icon, hover over it and it will give you a read out of bandwidth in and out.

Skype bandwidth indicator

This feature was one requested by developers but for the rest of use it is useful and interesting. I guess it is like having a thermometer at home, it doesn’t really change what you wear but it is interesting and fun to have and compare. Same with this and geeks love this stuff and it appeals to us.

I am not sure if the feature accurately measures bandwidth in a video call but that would be good to know.

Cool feature Skype boys and girls but where is the record button? By the way you have to enable this feature in the advanced options to see it.


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