Closing Tabs in Firefox

Get Firefox!I don’t understand this, even the Scobleizer is saying it. Firefox 2 RC2 was released yesterday and I see Scoble is saying that it is much faster and:

“(it has the improved tabs that IE 7 has, where the close box is on the tab itself, much nicer).”

I agree the tab thing has been a long requested feature, but I still don’t know why. Comparing Firefox to IE, Ugh!

I have had the ability to close each tab that I open from the tab itself for as long as I can remember in the current version! As you do! I can not remember where I read it but I think it was something entitled “Power User Tips for Firefox” or something like that. I would not have a clue of the URL so please don’t ask. But I remember having the same issue with closing tabs being new to Firefox at the time. In this document I read that for those with a three button mouse – hover the tab and click the wheel, tab now closed. For those that did not know the wheel is a button as well; it is.

At least one commenter has said it related to Scoble’s post, smart cookie “Woody” says:

““Middle-click” has always closed tabs. There is no need for the close icon. Middle click on a link opens the url in a new tabs. I imagine must people don’t realize the power of the “middle click”. And if you using an old Mac mouse you never will.”

I have done this for ages and it still surprises me that people are still unaware of this feature, especially self confessed geeks! I just hope that the feature remains in Firefox 2, otherwise I will have to get used to left clicking the now included close icon!


2 Responses to “Closing Tabs in Firefox”

  1. Liam Says:

    I agree that there is definitely a usability issue there. The new system is terrible — it’s a primary reason why I don’t use Safari. Ugh!

    There is a way to fix it though. I got this from Duncan Riley’s blog:

    – In the Address Bar type “about:config” and hit Enter.
    – Right-Click and select New then Integer.
    – A box pops up requesting the Preference Name, enter browser.tabs.closeButtons then press OK to go on.
    -Then type 3 to set the X back where it belongs.

    Riley’s blog also has details about (mostly) ridding your Firefox of the scrolling tabs option.


  2. Andrew Says:

    What a gem of information. Goddamn close icon – definitely better in the corner. I hate having to navigate “roaming” close icons as the tabs resize!


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