LibSyn Broken?

LibSyn LogoWhile The Global Geek Podcast is not hosted on Liberated Syndication anymore I have stayed subscribed to their Support Blog. What has come through from late September to now reads like a train wreck of bugs. I am not sure what is going on over there at LibSyn but it looks like they are experiencing bug after bug and network issues that are plaguing the system. Perhaps their popularity is denting their functionality.

There have been questions raised as to LibSyns capabilities to handle the traffic that they handle and the fact that their business model is one that allows users to utilize unlimited bandwidth. For podcasts this is very attractive. As long as you pay for the storage volume then your show can become as popular as it can and use as much bandwidth as is needed to support the listener base without added cost.

Judge for yourself, here is the support blog from Libsyn from the 24th of September to the 4th of October:

Nothing since then.

For a podcaster this is a bit of a worry. You are worried that your feed is working, that the homepage is still up, that people are able to download content, that you are able to upload shows and edit the blog. If downtime becomes a regular thing then you lose trust in the service and start looking elsewhere, thinking that for the extra bucks you want the peace of mind. These are considerations for potential investors in podcasting as well. How are investors going to trust a show that is hosted on an unreliable service? Answer; they won’t.

Don’t get me wrong I am not rubbishing LibSyn I think that they are one company that make podcasting very easy to get into. I would just like to see them deliver a great service and concentrate on small steps to improve. Hell charge more if you have to but make what you have stable and user friendly. Statistics are very important and I know from the move to our current location that our stats took a beating. I think this was mainly due to the fact that what we thought we had was right off. In other words the statistics are useless.

I can’t speak about what the service is like now but there were some elements that I was not impressed with. I hope they remember who is paying the bills.


One Response to “LibSyn Broken?”

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