The Term “Netcast” is Awful

Leo Laporte is using the term “netcast” in his podcast. So much so that he is using it in the intro to his show!

In TWiT Episode 72 Leo even states that the term is:

“…getting some traction”

This is going to be a short post. Not from me mate, I host a podcast, Okay. The term “netcast” is bloody awful and I swear I will never use the term in reference to my podcast.

Drop it Leo, I hate it and I think there are others that agree.

Ugh… please no more traction

Am I on my own here?

UPDATE: I need not worry, I found this on Wikipedia:

“It should also be noted that Netcast is a trademark of Netcast AG, a research firm of Switzerland.”

So basically the term has no future what so ever. Leo is suggesting a term that is already trademarked and could end up getting sued himself!


2 Responses to “The Term “Netcast” is Awful”

  1. Bman Says:

    I agree that “netcast” is hardly a great replacement for “podcast”, but I’m happy to see that people are beginning to acknowledge some of the issues with “podcast”: trademark sensitivity and the prospect of C&D’s from Doktor Jobs, general confusion from those who aren’t already in the know (“you mean I DON’T need an iPod?”), and sensitivity to touch the term by everyone who ISN’T Apple.

    This last one concerns me, because it really pisses me off to see companies like Microsoft release products like the Zune and WMP11 with ZERO support for podcasting. And as long as “podcast” makes people think “Apple”, they’ll hesitate to go anywhere near it because it’s basically admitting that they lost that branding war. (And no, it doesn’t f’ing stand for “personal on demand”.) Whatever your feelings on “netcast”, “blogcast” is even more stupid.

    See John Gruber’s list and discussion at for more on why companies like Microsoft are in a bind vis a vis the word “podcast”.

    As for “netcast” being trademarked, I did a quick trademark search here in the US – something I admit I’m no expert at – and didn’t find any live tradmarks. As for Netcast AG, maybe their mark is only valid in Switzerland? Dunno, IANAL.

    I think one of the reasons this is such a touchy issue for a lot of podcasters is that they actually use “podcast” as part of their show’s name. I count myself among this unfortunate group. In the future, I think the smart money’s on finding a name that is medium-agnostic, such as “This Week in Tech” or “The 1up Yours Show”. Not only does this give you the flexibility to distribute in other ways down the road without sounding bizarre (“The Falcon Twin Podcast – now on your radio!”), but you can change your mind about what you want to call the medium whenever you want.

    Honestly, I don’t think “podcast” is going anywhere, but at least now we’re a little more aware of the issues, and maybe someone’s mind is churning away to find an alternative that DOESN’T suck.

  2. DrumsNWhistles Says:

    I agree — Netcast is awful. I’m glad Scoble linked up with your blog — I’m subscribed.
    (Hope you get to the top today)

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