Firefox 2 Out Now!

I was just reading that Firefox 2 is due out tomorrow. But I have a hot tip for you… It is already there!

Firefox 2 is available right now on their FTP server [link removed, see comments]. So get in quick while the load will be smaller because they have not publicized it yet.

If you are not comfortable using FTP the great guys over at Cybernet News have put together a downloader, just select the language from the drop-down and click your Operating System of choice and it should come right at you as a download.

Officially the new version will not be out until tomorrow, if you want to wait. But as I said the rush will be on then!

Me I am way too tired to tackle it today. That is a job for tomorrow, but I will definitely check it out this week so we can talk about it on the podcast next week. I have been told also that nearly all of the popular extensions are supported in Firefox 2, which is good to know.

If you happen to come across an extension that is not supported then there are ways around it. I have collected articles of the RSS that will come in handy and this post: Firefox 2: Making your old extensions work from Download Squad in September will have all the tools and tips to help you out. Hope that helps.

UPDATE: Due to the blog post from Mozilla, the link to the FTP Server has been removed from this post. However, you can now officially download Firefox 2 from Mozilla. I will state however that I some what agree with some of the sentiments expressed in the comments of the post.


2 Responses to “Firefox 2 Out Now!”

  1. The Rooster Says:

    No I had not seen that ET. Mind you I am inclined to agree with some of the commenter’s on the post.

    The other thing, if it is that crucial that the FTP mirrors are not used until it is live then why do they not block them or have them there but in a folder that is not viewable until a certain time and date?

    Plus if they were as serious as they were stating on the blog about being out tomorrow (at the date of publishing my post) Why is it that the waited until today to actually go live a day late. Users were searching and looking for these files, I am not too sure what we should expect people to do. Not to use the FTP? That would be like putting chocolate in front of my 2 year old and walking away and saying don’t eat it until tomorrow!

    But I do see the other side of the coin. IMHO if they don’t want the mirror used then do something to prevent it.

    That said I have removed the link to the FTP server.

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