Australian Dictionary for Firefox 2

Yesterday I summarized my impressions of Firefox 2. In that summary I was said that one of my favourite features of the new version was the real time spell checking. I also said that I hoped that in time we would see custom dictionaries come online for users. Who was I kidding, this is the open source community and I should have remembered just how innovative it is.

So I was browsing the newest Firefox extensions (I should say “add-ons” but I can’t stand it) and I noticed that in the last couple of days that some different dictionaries were coming online. Such as the “Icelandic dictionary for Firefox 2.0 spell checker” and that got me thinking… Hell, if Iceland have a custom dictionary then us Aussies should have one! Yup; sure enough the English (Australian) Dictionary by Cameron is available now. Just a note though, you have to right click within an editing field and select the dictionary that you want Firefox to use as it stays as the default otherwise.

In addition to my thoughts yesterday //engtech had a take on the fox as well. It is good to see what others think of the new version. I have also removed the close tab X from the individual tabs thanks to the post. Now I have no close tab buttons at all which is great. Why I did this is because tonight on this post when I clicked the tab that this post was in I almost closed it, that would have been bad. Plus I did not like the way they looked in my theme at all, Yuk.

The other thing is that I had no idea that WordPress had an “Advanced Post Editor”! Thanks //engtech for the tip. If you are a user, you can make these tools visible in the WYSIWYG post editor by pressing Alt-Shift-V. The tool bar has some nice features that might come in useful in the future.

Advanced Editing Tool bar for WordPress


3 Responses to “Australian Dictionary for Firefox 2”

  1. engtech Says:

    I’ve started using Ctrl-W for closing tabs and I think I’m going to turn the close tab button off altogether as well.

  2. The Rooster Says:

    I have basically got the middle click programmed in my head so I am using that. But there are times when I use the keyboard and then there are times when I am mouse-surfing. So I tend to use both.

    But I definitely do not need the X!

  3. Kelvin Eldridge Says:

    Hi Rooster,

    Good to see you crowing about the Australian English dictionary files;-)

    Cameron to his credit picked up some of my old files and packaged them for Firefox.

    Unfortunately that means over 60,000 Australians now have dictionary files I created nearly four years ago.

    The latest Australian English dictionary files for Firefox and other browsers are available from

    Thanks again for promoting the Australian English dictionary files so others know about them.

    Kelvin Eldridge
    Creator and maintainer of the Australian English dictionary files.

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