Amazing Google Earth Image

This has more than likely don’t the rounds of the Internet but I have just discovered it. This image is a screenshot from Google Maps™. The Coordinates work for Google Earth as well.

The place is between Medicine Hut and Maple Creek in the state of Alberta, Canada.

Exact Location: 50° 0’38.20″N 110° 6’48.32″W

Or click the image for a direct link to the Google Map

Google Maps Image Head

To say that this is amazing is an understatement. What are the chances of a mountain or old creek/riverbed eroding in such a manner as to create a giant carved head that we would recognise or associate with as being human in form? Or is there a bigger story here. By the way I am not convinced that it is a message from aliens but it is interesting. Nature is indeed amazing!


8 Responses to “Amazing Google Earth Image”

  1. unitedcats Says:

    The same as the chances eroding hills would look like anything? 🙂 It is amazing image, one is almost tempted to think it’s been photoshopped. Who knows.


  2. The Rooster Says:

    I checked if it was “Photoshopped” by going to Google Maps and found the spot manually and it is there. So the possibility of it being manipulated is very low. Unless Google has taken to manipulating it’s satellite images.

  3. httsan Says:

    Rooster, thx for the ‘amazing image’ that you found and shared. I use your info in my blog. There is another ‘amazing image’ you can saw in Peru. Check this link.

  4. Ukiran alam di muka bumi « Catetan kecil httsan Says:

    […] Saat berjalan di web, satu lagi lokasi menarik ditemukan berdasar data satelit juga. Kali ini didapatkan dari situs blog Rooster yang berjudul Amazing Google Earth Image. Kali ini bentukan alam tersebut terjadi di Canada, Amerika Utara, pada posisi koordinat 50°00′37.73″ LU dan 110°06′50.91″ BB, bisa juga kita dapatkan hal serupa. Kali bentuk wajah dari samping. Gambar di kanan adalah gambar yang dihasilkan dari Google Earth dan ketinggian sekitar 1,8 km dari permukaan. […]

  5. unitedcats Says:

    I was not seriously suggesting it had been photoshopped, I apologise for appearing to question your post. 🙂 When I said “who knows” I meant maybe somebody did carve a hill into the shape of a head for some reason. I suspect it’s just an accident of erosion though. Fascinating, but no more meaningful than seeing a momentary face in the clouds? Where does pareidolia leave off and the hand of God begin? Beats me.


  6. The Rooster Says:

    I did not think you were questioning my post. In actual fact it was a very reasonable statement. Especially since it was handed onto me as a link – who is to say they did not spoof a Google Map with a very similar URL and the page was a fake?

    So what I did was to go to Google Maps directly and enter the co-ordinates and I checked. I did not want to be wrong – you have to check your facts, always…

    Thanks for your concern – no offence taken

  7. httsan Says:

    Hi Rooster,
    Probably you’ve known this, a good shape of pentagram is on East of US Capitol Building, you can see from Google Earth or follow this link (via Google Maps).
    : )

  8. DickyColin Says:

    Looks like kind of like that face they saw on mars from satellite shots. I think it has a lot to do with the time of day and the way the sun fall’s on the surface of the hill. At a midday Im sure it looks very different.

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