Hell is for Sale

Moniker.com auctioned red hot domain names on Friday but apparently hell is not quite as hot as we thought.

First registered in 1995 by Kenneth Aronson the website hell.com has been used as a private destination for their work and is described as:

” “private parallel web” not accessible with a Web browser.”

Aronson first tried to sell hell.com in 2000 with a starting bid of $8M. Friday saw the minimum bid at $1M. It failed to reach the reserve and did not sell. The domain is now part of a “silent” auction. It appears that hell is quiet as well.

The big asking price was in typical of other hot domains that did sell:

  • cameras.com $1.5M
  • sexeducation.com $120,000
  • babies.net $26,000

It just goes to show you that some domains are hot and others are not and how hot you might think they are is not necessarily what the market says.The auction also saw some of the newer .mobi domains sell at good prices if you had the forethought to buy them when first offered:

  • flowers.mobi $200,000
  • fun.mobi $100,000

Not a bad investments if you bought them for the usual under $20 bucks price tag!

So while hell is not quite so hot other domains seem to be increasing in price and value. The interest in revenue that can be generated by advertising on the web seems to be the driving force. As far as hell.com goes, maybe people are afraid they will generate bad karma by using it. I am not sure why it did not sell; I too thought hell would be hot.


2 Responses to “Hell is for Sale”

  1. Eyal Says:

    I have some good names 🙂

  2. Eyal Says:

    DotMobi names

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