Brian Ibbott Joins The Podcast Network

This is huge. For those people that don’t know Brian Ibbott is the podcaster responsible for “Coverville” and he has joined The Podcast Network with a new show called Today in Music History.

I am listening to the podcast as I write this post and it is absolutely fantastic! That is coming from someone who doesn’t normally listen to music podcasts. It is little wonder though considering he is the winner of the 2005 Peoples Choice Best Music Podcast.

Today in Music History is a daily short and sweet podcast that covers a type of today in history for music format. Perfect for those times when you want a punchy entertaining podcast. The production is excellent and the content is specific and to the point.

“… I look forward to presenting my show to a whole new audience of music and podcast lovers alike.”

His reasons for choosing The Podcast Network?

“TPN was a natural fit for a daily show like “Today In Music History“,”… “They were the first commercial podcast network, and their experience in promoting podcasts under their umbrella is unrivalled.”

I would like to personally welcome Brian to The Podcast Network and I wish him all the success in the world. I am stoked to be a part of the Network at this time as it continues to evolve and bring in truly awesome podcasts.

I am subscribing to this one.

Today in Music History Logo


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