WebShots Unusable Due to Popularity?

WebShots_pro LogoI was doing a post for The Global Geek Podcast Blog and I needed a screenshot of the webpage that I was talking about. So I thought I am feeling lazy, I will just shoot over to WebShots who offer a free website screenshot service. But I fear that popularity is killing it (for “free” users at any rate).

Webshots is a great service. They offer free and paid accounts with various plans. When I first came across WebShots it made getting what you needed fast, easy and convenient. You could have your image in seconds. I went to WebShots and put in the site that I wanted a screenshot of, hit enter. I get transferred to the next step, in which (usually) your screen shot is displayed. You then get to choose from a few sizes and you can either save the image and host it yourself or use the code snippet to use it from WebShots. However, this time I find that I get transferred to a que which at the top of the page says:

Screenshot is in job queue. There is a total of 68494 jobs, and 23596 ahead of you.

I can tell you that it has not moved much since I started writing this. While I appreciate a good service especially a free one. This service has now become unusable for the quick and easy screenshot for the blog approach. What has stuffed it? Popularity. The developers are laughing but for me, unless I wish to pay for the service then I can’t use it at all. I am not paying. Screenshots are easy, but it is nice to get the shots that WebShots produced as they had no browser in them! Now I will have to edit out the browser and OS toolbar. Not hard but a bit time consuming.

Sure the paid service gives you priority over free users. However, for the little that I use this type of thing the $25 US for a basic service; per month is a bit steep. Especially since I would not be using their embedding service. I prefer to host my own images where I can. In addition if there are as many paying users as free then it will be just as bad, even if there are half as many!

So there goes another great free service down the tubes because it was and is so good. One thing that really irritated me was that I am probably waiting for porn, as the couple of webshots that appeared while I was waiting were of porn sites! Some things are just nice to keep to yourself, it would have been nice if WebShots was not quite so good as it is. RIP Webshots pro.

WebShots_pro Webshot

I just remembered another service, no not telling.


2 Responses to “WebShots Unusable Due to Popularity?”

  1. engtech Says:

    Get the Firefox ScreenGrab extension then use Infranview to resize.

    No mess, no fuss, no browser window.

  2. WebShotsPro Says:


    Sounds like you tried to use our service at the worst possible time. A few weeks ago the author of BetterSearch, a Firefox plugin thought it would be a good idea to use webshots as it’s thumbnail generation service.

    His plugin has thousands of users, and each one was generating up to 10 thumbnail requests per search. Needless to say it killed our generation servers and caused lots of problems. We were forced to discontinue the free embedding service.

    We have since made tweaks so that any thumbnails submitted from our homepage get processed fast, and we have changed our pricing plans to include a $5 per month service.

    I invite you to check out WebShotsPro again to see if it can once again be useful for your screenshot generation needs. Thanks for your comments!

    -WebShotsPro Admins

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