Six Degrees Hits the Web

Not sure if this has been done before but it is the first that I have seen of anything based on the premise.

Six degrees of separation is the theory is based on the following premise:

“The concept is based on the idea that the number of acquaintances grows exponentially with the number of links in the chain, and so only a small number of links is required for the set of acquaintances to become the whole human population.”


The site Knover is based on this hypothesis and touts itself as “The Ultimate Place to Learn About People”. I am not sure of that but it is a very interesting way to learn about individuals and their connections. In the database are the details “Covering 16347 of the Web’s Most Mentioned”. It ranges from Bill Gates to Tina Turner, so it covers a lot of topics and people.

You enter a name on the left and a and on the right, with auto-complete to boot. If the results are going to be any good to you they need to be in the database and while it covers a lot of people it is by no means exhaustive, so if the auto-complete is not making suggestions then it they might not be there. Then click the “How” button.

So Bill Gates is connected to Tina Turner by 3 degrees. From here you can select the individual profiles of the individuals that connect these people or you can click the “Why” button to see why they are connected. In this instance the next person is Warren Buffett and there are 204 documents to support this connection. A nice touch is the inclusion ofrelated video, powered by YouTube.

So you can work your way throught the connections to see who got us to Tina Turner (it was Oprah Winfrey). But you can also request that the search makes stronger connections, this often involves more people in the chain but that makes it more interesting.

The concept is one that I find very interesting and the added information that is provided is a great tool to find out interesting facts and associations. Including the fact that I found myself trying to find the most unassociated people to try to trip it up, I have failed so far. I also had the thought that if you were stuck for ideas to blog about this might be a good place to start, base a story on some weird connection that people might not know about.

Go ahead be diverted who knows you might just learn something.

Knover Screenshot


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