Want to Alpha Test Trillian 4?

On the back of the Trillian 4 Sneak Preview the guys over at Trillian central are going to open up a registration script to sign up to be an Alpha tester. They expect it to be up some time today.

Apparently the word is that they underestimated just how many people would be interested in being a tester. So to combat that they are looking for people to apply to be one based on a few factors:

  • Emailed an expression of interest ages ago
  • Pro customer, with an expired subscription or not
  • Wrote an expression of interest that covered who you are and why you should be a tester
  • Numerical rank (FIFO)

These are not finalised just mooted possible criteria.

That is the general gist in any case. It seems fair to me. Although there is no word on how many “positions” they are giving away. Your guess is as good as mine, they keep their cards close to their chest in every respect. My advice would be that if you are keen then be quick because I think they will be flooded with applications.

Despite my love of new technology and an early adopter, I will not be applying. Attractive and tempting, yes. But the probable instability of the product is a deterrent as I need a reliable service. I also don’t need the hassle of buggy software. In addition to the fact that I really don’t have the time to do it justice. But the wait is driving me a bit nuts I must admit. In addition updates seem to have stalled on the current version, which I don’t blame them for (why bother?).

I am yet to extract a possible release date. Nor have they hinted as yet.

I will post the link for the registration page when it pops up on my radar.

Update: Cerulean Studios has opened up the application page for potential beta testers.


3 Responses to “Want to Alpha Test Trillian 4?”

  1. Matt Foxtrot Says:

    Will this version work? lol. It seems like every version of Trillian in existence is plagued by bugs and glitches. I tend to get sick of it after a few weeks and switch back to Gaim.

  2. The Rooster Says:

    To be honest I have not had that any problems with Trillian. The only thing that really bothered me was the poor handling of file transfers with for me is dodgy at the best of times. But then they claim that this has been one area that has been extensively worked on.

    I guess the proof will be with the release.

  3. Branislav Rac Says:

    It will be posiblle send me a Alpha test version? I wish write review for inet.sk slovak IT magazine.

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