Apple Story Crashes Servers

This is a good kind of crash. The Apple story that Cameron Reilly ran on The Podcast Network ended up on Digg and managed to attract enough traffic so that it went down for a while. Tops. I was pleased to hear that it made the front page of Digg, so I guess that will put a strain on any network.

At six am this morning Cam was onto it and had the tech guys working on a solution. They managed to throw some more bandwidth at it and restored order. Thank you to the team at The Podcast Network for their quick action. The connection sometimes fails still but just hit the reload button.

I appologise to the listeners of other shows on the network that could not access the shows that they listen to and their respective hosts. Thanks to Cam for covering the story.


3 Responses to “Apple Story Crashes Servers”

  1. scribez Says:

    Congrats hopefully more podcaster subscribe 🙂

  2. DrumsNWhistles Says:

    I’m not sure it was just the Digg effect. I saw it linked on at least three different “A Lister” blogs yesterday, including Dave Winer’s.

  3. The Rooster Says:

    Oh that’s cool did not know there where that many A-Listers that carried the story. But you are probably right about what you are saying.

    Have a look at the Digg effect post for further comments of mine about it.

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