The Digg Effect

As previously mentioned The Podcast Network was Dugg over the last 24 hours. Cameron Reilly was astounded at the hit the TPN servers copped from Digg. This is the first time that The Podcast Network has been “Dugg”.

Today Cam released a post where he states:

“I did the same traffic to G’Day World in one 24 hour period that I normally get in a month. And we aren’t currently geared up for that kind of attention.”

The last sentence was in response to the “issues” with trying to access the network this morning. G’day World carried the story as well as The Global Geek and that was the one that got Dugg.

He is also kind enough to demonstrate with a picture and includes screenshots, this is amazing. Click on it for a full sized version.

This is “The Digg Effect”:

The Digg Effect


Nice 🙂


6 Responses to “The Digg Effect”

  1. Sebastian Prooth Says:

    That sure is the Digg effect…experienced that one myself. But remember what I said about Digg after the big Skype hype back in June and the article I released soon after…

    I think it has just become relavent again:

  2. engtech Says:


    Weird. When I get dugg/slashdotted it usually only shows up at around 18,000 on my stats.

  3. James Gray Says:

    Considering that Slashdot ( has been around considerably longer than Digg, I think it’s fair to assert the “Digg Effect” is actually the same phenomenon that was originally termed the “Slashdot Effect” – Essentially the effect is that when a popular aggregation site (Digg/Slashdot/et al) run a story, the level of interest on the original news article will spike suddenly and significantly. This effect though is extremely transient, and closely follows exponential decay. Normal server load is normally returned after 12-18 hours. Slashdotters are fickle and loose interest quickly, apparently. 🙂

    My point is, the “Digg Effect” is simply plagiarising the “Slashdot Effect”. Yet another example of the “web 2.0” upstarts claiming ownership of accepted terminology 😉 The web (and internet in general) existed before XML and AJAX! Heheh.

  4. DrumsNWhistles Says:

    Dave Winer and several other high-traffic bloggers also blogged this yesterday, so my guess is that the digg effect combined with the A-list effect to drive hits upward.

  5. The Rooster Says:

    //engtech you might be right there mate – it was pretty big news and that graph is just for “G’day World” on “The Podcast Network” doesn’t take into account the original post on The Global Geek Podcast Blog, which was hammered as well.
    But yeah the numbers are right and they are actually a lot more than that when you take into account the post on The Geek and the front page of TPN. Not a bad effort.

    But the important thing is that while I am happy that it has been a great story, it is the equivalent to quarter of a million people driving past a bill-board. I just hope some will drop by again some time and listen to the great content that The Podcast Network has.

    Sebastian, all it is is traffic mate. As you know – I have written many times about what a Digg is and what it may mean and what I think about it. I actually don’t give a shit about it. What I do care about is the fact that the story made the point that it was supposed to. In addition to the fact that The Global Geek Podcast and TPN has had some advertising that money can not buy. That is GREAT. TPN is a corporate machine mate not a personal blog. We just got some great exposure. That is a good thing. The benefit might be seen in the future with some returning to listen to a few shows on TPN.

    This focus on stats was just a wow thing and nothing more – you can not just gloss over the wow factor – they are very big numbers to get in a few hours!

  6. engtech Says:

    I just hope some will drop by again some time and listen to the great content that The Podcast Network has.

    Awesome that those are the real numbers. I’m guessing getting picked up by the A-list blogosphere helped a lot as well.

    Unfortunately, Digg/Slashdotters don’t usually drop by for a second visit. If you’re lucky you’ll get a very small jump in RSS readers, some links, and lots of incoming blog links.

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