200 Firefox Extensions at Once!

Ryan over at CyberNet decided to take on a small project. He was surprised at the result, Firefox was functional. Although given the screenshots I am not sure how easy it would be to navigate through all the toolbars and extra icons and features.

From what he has blogged about it appears that there was a pint of Guinness riding on the result. Chris looks like he is going to have to pay up.

Ryan has installed no less than 200 Firefox extensions. I thought when I saw it and so did Ryan that the tendency of Firefox for memory leaks would be a problem. However, after the few minutes it took for Firefox to start it was using 145MB and rising to only 195MB after 2 hours and crashed only once.

It is a great story and worth the read, if only for the novelty value. A true testament to the stability of Firefox. Cool story and well done Ryan. Read the whole saga with heaps of very interesting screenshots.

Of note is that earlier this year some bloke installed 100 top Firefox Extensions, Ryan just doubled it.

2 Responses to “200 Firefox Extensions at Once!”

  1. engtech Says:

    I don’t know about the Firefox memory leak. Once I tweak these Firefox settings I don’t have memory problems the same way.

  2. How to fix the Firefox memory leak (Firefox hack) « //engtech - internet duct tape Says:

    […] at CyberNet installs 200 Firefox extensions (via Rooster) and checks memory usage. It jumps from 145 MB to 195 MB after two hours (note that this is a worst […]

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