Rooster’s Rail Milestone

Well the Rooster’s Rail reached a statistical milestone today. Nope not the kind of statistic you might be expecting.

As of just this moment in time Akismet has successfully blocked 10,001 spam comments.

10001 Spam Canned

Now I have talked about blog spamming methods before but I have noticed a distinct increase. The other thing is that this blog in this space is nine month old. Is that a reasonable amount of spam one could expect in that time-frame? Sure this blog is listed everywhere and it gets exposure due to the podcast but I am sure there are more popular blogs that get more than this blog. What about Scoble? He must surely have a heap.

I am starting to see less and less genuine comment flagged as spam and I am considering not bothering to check it for genuine comments. Sometimes I forget to do it for three or four days and I have 500+ to go through. I really don’t have the time it takes to do that.

So WordPressors what do you think, am I a target, or is this about normal? What are your experiences with spam volume? Does Akismet do the job right for you? Do you check your spam or just can it?I bet this post gets spammed.

In the time that I have composed this post there are 7 more waiting…


6 Responses to “Rooster’s Rail Milestone”

  1. knightwise Says:

    porn, sluts, viagra, sex, webcam …. KNIGHTWISE.COM

  2. The Rooster Says:

    Only you Knightwise… I expect nothing less

  3. witzgeek Says:

    I just moved to WordPress and have not had any spam yet. Likewise, I have only a very small group of people who read, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before spam starts arriving.

    On the other hand, the amount of spam to my gmail account (I read several accounts through gmail) is staggering. There are at least 150 per day during the week and twice that over the weekends. It’s annoying only in that I have to delete the spam messages instead of just having them delete automatically.

    Oh how I miss the good ol days in the mid-90’s when no one even knew what spam was let alone what it would become in less than 10 years. Yeah, I was one of those guys that signed up for AOL in 1991 and patiently awaited the “Internet Connection” button to become active. Did I date myself?

    Good blog here, it has become one of my fav’s to read through the week.

  4. engtech Says:

    Love to check when my dashboard becomes available.

    I started blogging in April and I think I’m still under 10,000.

  5. engtech Says:

    My akismet is only at 5,000

    but I have a couple of masks set to auto-delete… so that might be why

    (for stuff like

  6. Comment Moderation and Spam Stats « Rooster’s Rail Says:

    […] put the spam issue into perspective: it took from April 2006 until the 9th of December to reach 10,000 spam comments caught by Akismet. Compare that with the fact that it just reach 20,369 today the 3rd of February […]

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