Great Show This Week

The Global Geek PodcastI do not usually pimp the podcast here. But this week I have to. Plus I usually say stuff here that doesn’t get said anywhere else! Knightwise and myself had such a great time recording the show this week, although not without the problems.

The show just flowed this week, we worked well together and complimented each others style and pace. I followed him when he lead and vice versa. One point in particular I sensed that he wanted to pick up the pace a bit. I think he lead a story with: “Quick overview here…” or something like that. We just did the next 3 or 4 stories concise, quick and too the point. Like it was planned. Was really very, very good synergy. I loved it.

One funny point is that it is summer here and the whole podcast is serenaded by crickets calling in the backyard, which is about 12 feet away. We have no screens and the doors are French styled and always open. So we podcasted with crickets. It was cool and I don’t think it took away from the show. They will no doubt be with us each week until the summer draws to a close. Oh well, I think that is part of the appeal of podcasting.

We tried a new system this week of recording. Knightwise recorded the show this week. I usually do it but the recording software let us down last week so we had to get something more reliable. So Knightwise recorded it and we planned to upload the whole lot as a high quality .mp3. It did not work. We blamed the FTP server because it could not possible be Knightwise.  We also rang them and gave them a hard time! It was Knightwise! He was using Cyberduck for Mac. We are not sure what the go is but it has something to do with how the client is talking to the host. The file is bloody big at 101MB. Anyone have any ideas on that? One friend of the podcast managed to upload the file with Cyberduck without issues. In addition Knightwise was able to upload the file to another FTP server without issues. It has to be some setting on Knightwise’s client. We do not yet know what one.

I eventually got the file and all is good. If you are interested in the podcast then take a listen. Feel free to drop a comment on the blog or send us an email.

You can go to The Global Geek Podcast Blog or



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