Google Art

I was just on my way to Google to look something up and I was greeted by this artwork replacing the usual:

Google Art Scream

Does anyone know what the reference is or what it is in relation to? Got me beat. Different. I was thinking it might be in relation to some significant date that is not relevant in Australia. Then again I might just be ignorant.

UPDATE: Thanks to Richard and  Paul who identified that it is Edvard Munch’s Birthday, most famous for his painting “The Scream” which was the basis for this Google Art.


5 Responses to “Google Art”

  1. pionse Says:

    Munch birthday?

  2. Paul Says:

    Hi Dave, Its the artists birthday. edvard munch. He is famus for painting the picture “The Scream”, of which you see a small part in that image, the dude holding his face home alone style… Damn you art history classes coming back to me now

  3. The Rooster Says:

    hey dude thanks, I knew someone would know what the go was. Rich was also on the money.


  4. knightwise Says:

    Perhaps Google has developed a technology to see the face of the visitor of the website.
    In your case google caught your ugly gab sitting in front of the computer ..
    Thus … The scream 🙂

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