New Advertising Service for Blogs

bloglinkr LogoI like this concept. Bloggers advertising their blog on other blogs with minimal outlay. Nice idea, not sure if it will take off or that it will have the returns that they say it will but it is a good idea that might be of interest to bloggers who don’t have the A-List on their side or the cash for a marketing plan.

From the looks of their soon to launch site, this service is a replacement for Adwords or similar advertising scheme. Instead of targeted advertising related to the page contents to products that may or may not interest your readers. Bloglinkr advertises blogs on your blog. Not just any blog, the advertised blogs shown in your posts are in categories that you choose. I read that to mean that they are on certain topics or themes. For instance if you had a Mac blog then you could select to show links to other Mac blogs. Great to think that you could recommend other blogs that would definitely interest your readers. You also have a much better chance at getting an income of some description. Also better than seeing that “Casino” Adsense Ad and knowing the site that is being advertised is dodgy to boot.

The next best thing is that you get paid for the click through’s. You also get paid for clicks on blogs that are referred to the service by you. I see this a a sort of commission payment, but that is good and probably a good way to build the service.

So where does the money come from I hear you say. Well this is not a free service. Yes, you have to pay for it. However from all the signs it looks like it is aimed at bloggers and they know we are strapped for cash. They claim that for as little as $25 (I presume US) you can get started. That is not that bad and I might consider doing it myself. Although it is probably some Java script thing that is not allowed on WordPress. But that is certainly affordable to most bloggers. There are probably “premium” plans that cost more. That will become clear when the service opens.

I would question their claims that you could:

… recieve hundreds of backlinks, clicks and visitors every month.”

There is no way that they could know this when the service has not even started yet. I think they could sell the idea to bloggers without unsubstantiated claims. They may well be using data from other services but I think that is a reach. It slumps a little into the “hard sell” with statements like that.

However I think that it is a good idea with what looks to be a sound business model and has potential. There are over 55 million blogs out there. At $25 bucks minimum per blog, even if they only capture 10% of that; you do the math!

bloglinkr Screenshot


4 Responses to “New Advertising Service for Blogs”

  1. engtech Says:

    Might want to do some research into who is starting the service. That’s always a very interesting indicator of how successful/ethical it will be.

    I think The Good Blogs does something similar, but free.

    I’ve been liking My Blog Log lately. It’s a pretty cool way of connecting bloggers.

  2. Michael Says:

    Hi Guys –

    I wanted to give you a little more information about how bloglinkr will work.

    It will be absolutely free to publish bloglinkr ads. The only time it will cost a blogger anything is if they want to pay for advertising on other blogs.

    As for the claim “… receive hundreds of backlinks, clicks and visitors every month.” maybe I should change “every month” to “for your money”.

    We expect ads to cost between .05 and .20 cents per click. Going by those numbers the minimum amount of clicks you would receive for $25 would be 125, the most would be 500.

    That’s why it’s worded that way…it’s not meant to be a hard sell, per say, as much as I was just trying to illustrate what kind of response you could expect for your investment.

    Glad to hear you like the concept – we’ll be launching the first beta soon!

  3. Bloglinkr Blog » Great bloglinkr write up Says:

    […] We received a nice write up on Rooster’s Rail this weekend that I wanted to pass along to those of your subscribed to the RSS feed. […]

  4. E-Commerce News » Blog Archive » Bloglinkr to Provide Blog-Only Ads Says:

    […] Advertisements will be in text-link format (I’m guessing something similar to what Text Link Ads do), so you can hopefully expect some additional SEO value on top of the standard promotion benefits.  Bloglinkr advertisements will come in a variety of sizes and will not be contextual, so you will be able to run them alongside with Google Adsense on the same page. Bloglinkr has stated that they are looking at keeping the costs of advertisements down – according to this reply by a Bloglinkr staff member to a preview of the service, advertisements will cost between $0.05 and $0.20 per click. […]

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