The Global Geek Podcast Finally has a Promo

Well I finally got this monkey off my back and finished the promo for the Podcast. It was a bit of an effort but I got it done.

The biggest problem was the backing track. I made several attempts at doing one myself and failed, miserably! I just don’t have what it takes even with all the fancy software and loops and resources. That really points to the talent of music artists and mixing genius’s.

One of those genius’s is Dave London. We have featured Dave’s music in the show a number of times thanks to ioda PROMONET. Great stuff. So that got me thinking… We obtained permission from Yes Mate Recordings to use one of Dave’s tracks in the promo! Tops. Now we have a great sounding sound track to back my not so great radio voice and a great promo I can be proud of. But the music makes it sound heaps better! I did not want to do a hack job. Your promo is a reflection on you and your work.

Check out Yes Mate Recordings for more of Dave’s Music and appearance dates. Many thanks to Yes Mate Recordings for their willingness to be a part of the podcast.

Please feel free to download the promo for use in your podcast or if you just want to hear the results just press play.

UPDATE: We are now able to use the Audio Player WordPress Plugin and so I have embeded the player for you to hear it directly from this page.


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