3 Responses to “Edit ID3 Tags Easily”

  1. Bman Says:

    Another recommendation, for those who have had problems with AudioShell (as I did) is MP3Tag, which can be found at http://mp3tag.de/en/ . I’ve been using it since I started the FT podcast and have been very happy with it. One feature I like is the ability to copy tags from one MP3 and paste them onto another MP3, so I can then just change what’s different for each show.

  2. The Rooster Says:

    Hey Bman, yeah I tried MP3tag. I found it a bit over done and complicated for what I needed to do. But then if you have had trouble with AudioShell then a great alternative.

  3. Rosa Says:

    For me, this one’s the best… MP3-Info Extension

    Audioshell for any reason didn’t work in my pc.

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