Tools to Prevent you “Breaking” Your Blog’s Template

The majority of people unfortunately still insist on using Internet Explorer. There are better browsers out there you know. Different browsers “read” the page that it displays in a unique way. So a page can look totally different in a different browser. Especially where layout and images are concerned. I too rarely “test” my blog and make sure that it is being “read” correctly by each browser. //engtech has created a tool that will do it for you.

//engtec is lazy unmotivated  forgets that IE exists like the rest us us when it comes to testing his blog. He gives a good description as to what can happen to IE when you add images that are to wide, I’ll leave that for you to read. So he created a Greasemonkey script that does all the checking that you need and lets you know when you have done something that will “break” your blog in IE.

As can be expected from //engtech he has some detailed instructions about customizing it to your blog to be able to use the script. It even has pictures. A very useful tool. But you should really be making sure that images fit your space as well, even for Firefox. Re-size an image to fit. If you can not do that then link to a larger image on a separate tab. Or do it in two parts. Badly done images in blogs look cheap and half arsed. But at least we don’t have to worry about IE, nice work //engtech.

For those that do not know Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to manipulate the way that a web page is displayed using JavaScript. There are tons of different scripts and applications. Plus you can do what //engtech did and write your own.

I have just noticed that //engtech’s script has no name, does any one have any ideas? ImageAlert, TempAlert, IEisBusted, BlogBrokeGMS…

engtech Blog Screenshot


4 Responses to “Tools to Prevent you “Breaking” Your Blog’s Template”

  1. The Rooster Says:

    It’s cool probuzz I fixed the multiple comment problem.

    If you want to add me to your blog roll that’s fine by me. But, I do not work on a recripical arrangement (no offence) I am very, very particular who and what is on the blog roll. I also have just checked and you have added my blog with the wrong URL – in fact a few of the links have the “wrong” URL. This is not a way to endear yourself. I certainly hope that it is not link spam.

    Last Year IE was vulnerable for 284 days of 365 Firefox was 9. No I am not happy using IE!

  2. engtech Says:

    Thanks for the link love.

    Yes, it does need a name.

    What’s funny is that thing took literally 3 minutes to code, but documenting took forever with the screenshots.

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