Comment Moderation and Spam Stats

CanOSpamDue to the massive volume of spam and what is getting through Akismet I have resorted to turning on comment moderation. From now on if you have had a previous comment on the blog it should post without any issues. But if this is the first time you have made a comment it will be moderated.

It would seem the spammers are on the war path tonight as my inbox is getting hammered with comments. A lot of comments have been flagged as possible spam and require moderation. But some of it is breaking through. Hopefully Akismet will learn the new rules soon and it will ease up. I don’t think this is a limitation of Akismet so much as the spam is becoming more sophisticated.

Foe example last week I had a spam comment slip through. The reason it got through was the fact that the comment was attached to the URL of an image that was associated with the post. So when I viewed the comment I got the blog entry with no text just the image with the spam. Nasty. I advised WordPress about it and they have responded saying that it is a new type of spam that they are aware of and to submit it to Akismet as such. Anyone else seen this type of comment spam?

I was hoping that I would not have to moderate comments as it takes time and is a bummer for legitimate commenter’s. But I have implemented this on the podcast blog and readers don’t seem to mind. I will endeavour to approve comments as soon as I can if it is any consolation. This measure might just decrease the attractiveness of this blog as a target.

To put the spam issue into perspective: it took from Feburary 2006 until the 9th of December to reach 10,000 spam comments caught by Akismet. Compare that with the fact that it just reach 20,369 today the 3rd of February 2007. Yes it doubled in about a month!


7 Responses to “Comment Moderation and Spam Stats”

  1. engtech Says:

    i had around 30 get through last night. first time I’d seen that many break through akismet at once in a while.

  2. Brian Says:

    I guess I should feel lucky that I’ve only had 1,100 spam comments since November. 🙂

    Of course, I love spam. It makes the day go by.

  3. Paul Says:

    Hey dave i know what you mean the CaffiNation has only been on a wordpress installation since Nov 20th 06 and we just passed 2000 blocked. It seems to be the blogs on get about 60% more spam traffic, not that much gets through but its there.

    good stuff man. by the by i’m quite envious of you right now, i do believe your in the throws of summer right now and its currently 10 degrees F here in the morning, something like -12C…

  4. The Rooster Says:

    he he he 26.5 degrees C here and it is 0030 in the morning… and it is raining!

  5. podcastjunky Says:

    … at least you get *warm* rain 🙂 Here in the UK we get the real stuff… happy to send you some 🙂

    Take care 🙂

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    […] the wake of my spam rant the other day I noticed that Steve Rubel posted some interesting stats on spam. These stats are from the ebiquity […]

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