COLOURlovers: Now That is a Niche!

COLOURlovers LogoJason Calacanis will say that if you want an audience and you want to grow it quickly then go to the white space. That is go and write or do something that isn’t being done by anyone else. COLOURlovers I would argue is a site such as this. If anyone else knows of such a site let me know. Regardless if there is another site that does a similar thing it is narrow and unique. Plus it is very, very well done.

COLOURlovers is a site about, well; colour! The purpose of which is to monitor colour influences and trends. It includes news, new palettes, articles about colour, discussions, articles and even jobs you name it; if you are into colour it is here. It is a great resource for web developers, designers, artists and anyone that is interested in or uses colour as a medium or as an aspect of their work. There are but few of us that could say that colour has no influence on us. Even colour blind people see shades of colour. We all know what colours go well together and what doesn’t. So this site probably has something for everyone as well.

There are pages dedicated to trends, although I noted that there were mainly print media examples. But why not submit a website or a palette yourself? You can also search for colours using filters tags and keywords. Join the community, rate colours and be involved in discussions all about colour.

Well executed site that is well and truly a narrow niche that will attract very like minded people. So good in fact I wish I was a colour nut!

COLOURlovers Screenshot


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