Awesome Clouds

What is it about weather that interests humans? I like the next bloke loves a good weather pattern to watch. We always remember the biggest storm or the closest lightning strike. As long as we were not the earth for it. So when I found these cloud pictures that look like Armageddon was about to start it got my attention.

The cloud type is called Mammatus. Mammatus clouds often develop on the underside of thunderstorms and are visible after the storm has passed. Personally I think they resemble the internal lining of your stomach. Yes I can vouch for that. But as clouds it is an amazing site and one that I hope I can one day witness.

Check out this set of totally awesome Mammatus Clouds, they speak for themselves. The 3rd shot down is my pick Check out more detailed information about this cloud type on Wikipedia.

Mammatus Cloud Pictures Site Screenshot


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