Consumers are in Charge, Got It?

Pete Cashmore said this today in relation to the fact that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences pulled all the clips of the Oscars from YouTube:

“Here’s the problem for you, content providers: you’re no longer in charge. The consumer is. And they’ll watch your content where and when they want, or they won’t bother watching it at all.”

YouTube Viewers Would NOT Like to Thank the Academy

Totally 100% agree, now how long do think till they actually get what that means? Right now I am not seeing that they do or are even close to even knowing how it can affect them. Nice one Pete.


3 Responses to “Consumers are in Charge, Got It?”

  1. johnnystarr Says:

    Who the hell wants to see the oscars anyway? A bunch of overpaid and over-rated thespians mincing about on stage clutching a gold phallus!

  2. The Rooster Says:

    I probably agree. However it is not so much the content that is the point I was trying to make. It is the principle behind the fact that it has been removed. I am referring to the sharing of content via an online medium.

    Remove the content or not allow people to talk about it and view it, you take away the buzz around the product or event or whatever. This is happening more and more, yet the owners of the content fail to see how allowing it increases their brand presence.

  3. johnnystarr Says:

    hehe! Only kidding! Yeah, it’s quite scary to see stuff getting yanked down. But I was talking about this kind of stuff to a friend of mine, and he said that stuff like the Oscars could be part of some premium package that youtube could pull on us one day. To be able to view such content, one would have to pay for it. I don’t think that would take off though, not for one minute. Plus the visual quality of most youtube videos are quite poor which would put me off for sure.
    Hey keep up with the podcasts, I’m really enjoying them (nightshifts=podcasts=much fun!)

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