Ever Been Stumped By a Root Zone?

I never knew this existed. You are aware that in a top level domain (TLD) address there is a zone suffix or country code. I guess you would call it that but I am not a domain guru by any stretch. For example here in Australia it is the .au that denotes this country. Some of these suffixes have me stumped at the best of times.

But thanks to the The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) a service associated with The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers there is a list called the Root Zone Whois Index. So next time you are not sure where a domain is based then take a look and check.

You can click any of these codes and get the Whois information and where to apply for registration. Using other country codes has been popular in the Web 2.0 era for those creative site names like del.icio.us who’s url is http://del.icio.us (United States). So even though a website may have a weird country domain name it may well be based in a totally different place, so don’t make too many assumptions from it.

But the site will forever fix your need to know where. For the uber Geeks out there sorry if I messed anything up. But as I said I ain’t no guru. Feel free to correct me in the comments.

Root Zone Whois Index


2 Responses to “Ever Been Stumped By a Root Zone?”

  1. rich Says:

    ahh, that’s quite handy.
    I’ve been using the ErrorZilla extension for Firefox for about 6 months now – gives you some options you might never have heard of for when you reach the end of the internet.
    good find


  2. James Gray Says:

    You can also look up who owns IP blocks using “whois” too. There are plenty of web-based front ends to all this fru-fru, but real men use the command line! 😛 Not sure in Windows has a command line “whois” client, but OSX and every other Unix-based operating systems (read: “Real operating systems”) have a whois client. So what does it say about me??
    >whois gray.net.au
    Domain Name: gray.net.au
    Last Modified: 06-Nov-2006 03:33:30 UTC
    Registrar ID: R00015-AR
    Registrar Name: NetRegistry
    Status: OK

    Registrant: JAMES GRAY
    Registrant ID:

    Eligibility Type: Sole Trader

    Registrant ROID: C4589480-AR
    Registrant Contact Name: James Gray
    Registrant Email: Visit whois.ausregistry.com.au for Web based WhoIs

    Tech ID: C4589480-AR
    Tech Name: James Gray
    Tech Email: Visit whois.ausregistry.com.au for Web based WhoIs

    Name Server: ns1.grayonline.id.au
    Name Server IP:
    Name Server: gandalf.rocknetworks.net.au
    Name Server IP:

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