Blogging, What Blogging?

Clock MosaicJust wanted to drop a quick post while I was waiting for a download, and that is about as much time as I have had this last week!

Yes, the blog has been a bit quiet over the last week. A lot of it has had to do with the amount of time that I have had. In addition to that I also maintain the podcast blog and without fail I try to get a few things posted there each week. Precious little left for here.

This last week has also been a turning point for my family and myself. We have made a huge decision with a lot more to follow. I am not prepared to let people know what is going on right now, but in time I will. This decision will possibly mean that there will be even less time for me to blog here. But I am going to do my best to get some personal blogging done here as I can.

I know no one is likely to be hanging out for what I write here. But just to let the regular listeners know that I am still around and kicking… just very busy. I am going to try to get some things up over this week though.

The file I am downloading is this weeks podcast. I am late and very tired. Not sure that I’ll get it out by tomorrow which is a bummer. I am not about to cut corners to do it either. So bear with me!

Well I had better get into editing this show and at least get most of it done!

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5 Responses to “Blogging, What Blogging?”

  1. podcastjunky Says:

    Hope everything is ok Dave… yep, there are some of us who “hang out” for what you write here 🙂

    Kind regards to all

    Alex – Podcast Junky

  2. The Rooster Says:

    Yeah mate everything is OK, just making some decisions and planning some big things. That takes it out of you. I am still here!

    I have often said better to write nothing than settle for crap for the sake of having said you blogged something.

  3. Paul Muller Says:

    i fell off the planet on my personal blog for about two months and the caffination had nothing but episodes for the same period. i feel your pain. no energy left.

    You were right dave the rugrat has me quite beat some nights. Keep up the good stuff, I’m still reading/listening

  4. The Rooster Says:

    Thank you Paul, your support means a lot.

    As soon as we are through this stretch of time I will be right again and back to blogging here as usual. But I am pleased that I am able to keep the podcast page going.

    Yup kids certainly let you know what being alive means. Despite the fact that some days you feel like you are dead! But change it? No way! Just have to balance it that’s all. The most logical thing is to ease up here a bit. It has made the load easier to manage.

    Thanks for listening and reading!

  5. Jeffro Says:

    I know how that is, to not blog for awhile. When I first got into blogging about 2 years ago I rarely posted. Now a days though I am regular poster and I am getting a good bit of feedback and communication from my readers. I tell ya, knowing that you have an audience or at least a few people that are willing to leave feedback aka comments on your blog entries sure makes blogging a heck of a lot more fun rather than blogging to what seems like an empty crowd.

    I still think that a blogger should blog what he or she feels like blogging about, instead of blogging for their audience. However I guess you gotta blog a little to get a little.

    At any rate it sounds like your taking a big step towards something in your life so I hope it works out for you. Good luck.

    Posted by Jeffro, Fan/Listener From Ohio USA

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