Make Typing URL’s Easier and Be More Productive

So this might be old but I don’t care, I had never heard of it. This hack works in Firefox, IE and Opera and more than likely others as well.

  1. Take the name of a website and type it into the address bar
  2. Hold control and hit Enter
  3. The missing parts of the address are filled in for you

If you happen to need a .org or a .net:

.org = Control + Shift + Enter

.net = Shift + Enter

This does depend on your browser, some experimentation  might be required.

Firefox_Opera_IE MashUP LogoThat is if you type a lot of addresses, I am as lazy as crap. I actually type stuff into Google and click the result… how lazy is that! Should start doing this though.

Source: Daily Cup of Tech


One Response to “Make Typing URL’s Easier and Be More Productive”

  1. Jeffro Says:

    Nifty little hack for those that do write a lot of URL’s into their address bar. For the most part I just type in the name of the place I want to go to in the address bar and I let the browser do the rest. For instance if I want to go to I just type in tgdaily into my address bar and it fills in the other info for me.

    Not sure my method works very well for URL’s that contain sub domains.

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