Another Frog Finally Poses

I say another because I have a fair number of frog images and pictures around the place. I love frogs. They say they are a sign of a healthy environment. So I was pleased when we moved into our new place that we have frogs here as well. While not as many as Far North Queensland, I am sure that every downpipe has one in it!

So I was really pleased when I found this one sitting on the bird feeder where I could get a decent shot of him. I think I took about 10 goes to get one that was good (well good enough to post on flickr).

I have been following them around for ages but they are usually not locatable or are high up on something where a photo would be difficult. In my tracking I have often seen one that jumps from the roof to the grass on his nightly outing. I have never seen a frog jump off something so high willingly! I think this is the same one. Kate is yet to see it, she always hears me say – “there it goes again and you missed it!”.

There is a larger size on flickr, but remember this work is licenced under creative commons.

Green Tree Frog Feb08

3 Responses to “Another Frog Finally Poses”

  1. Wade Says:

    Sweet frog pic Dave. I happen to love frogs too.

  2. The Rooster Says:

    Thanks Wade, it can be tricky getting the close-ups and have everything right. They usually move or are not in focus properly.

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