Tis the Season for… Calendars

I made myself a dodecahedral calendar earlier in the year and that was heaps of fun. Sad to report that my youngest son decided to see if it would withstand a foot, it didn’t. But lucky for me it is December and it is just about had it’s day in the sun. I am yet to make this years calendar as that one was hard enough.

But for people that don’t want to take the time to make their own 3D calendar then the 2D version might be for you. This one is dead easy, small and unobtrusive.

Care of Marlies’ Creative Universe comes a PDF which contains a strip calendar that you can print in either a horizontal or vertical format. The idea is that you can utilize the unused space on the side of monitors. Comes in Balck and white and colour. Nice idea I thought.

As I said easy, no scissors or glue required. But heck if you are up to the challenge the dodecahedral is fun and rewarding.

strip calendar sample


Twitter Poster, How Influential are You?

twitter poster logoThere is a bit of buzz on twitter about a new site called twitter poster. The sites purpose is to visually represent the degree of influence that twitter users have. The size of the image relates to the number of followers. I guess that would mean it is better to have fewer followers and more influence, not sure.The Rooster on twitter poster

There are different editions of the site, a twitter poster (.com) but also versions for Australia and Mexico (?). I checked out the Aussie one and it turns out that I am in the poster, as well as characters like Michael Specht and Kodo. Yet Cam Reilly is on the .com. I think that the dot com might be a global poster, so I guess that is good. But Cam doesn’t rate a mention on the Aussie version. It might have something to do with your profile.

If you use twitter it is pretty interesting and might get you connected with some interesting people. Yet I am not sure what gets you on the poster, I am not a heavy user of twitter yet I am there. There are obvious ones on the poster like Scoble who tweets everything. So go hard and try and get on the list, if you find out how then let me know. Diversion finished.

.com version here

Twitter Poster screenshot

Human Clock

Not sure why you would want a human clock but here you go.

Someone found a set of numbers then decided to put them to good use here. The numbers are made up of people. Kinda weird but curious none the less.

Human Clock Screenshot

File Format List

Found this and thought it was interesting. Claiming to be almost every file format in existence in one list. Including now unused formats and current. I would have no idea if the list is complete but I reckon that it might go close.

So if you have ever wondered if a file format exists or ever has; this is a great place to start. Alphabetical order for easy searching.

Almost Every file format in the world!

every file format